stoke • (stōk) • verb

1. To poke or stir up; to add coal to

Two to three times a day, we must take a ten-minute pause in our operations to stoke the coal of our oven. It is more of a craft than an exact science...

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The Stoke
The Stoke
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Singapore Sling
Singapore Sling
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Lunch Special 

Mon-Fri 12-3PM

Pizza & Salad $14

Beer & Burger $14

in house only


Drink Menu


Gentleman's Fig $13

Figanza, Evan Williams kentucky straight, muddled lemons, Stoke's housemade cherry's

The Smokey Nail $13

Proper 12, Drambuie, smoked glass, caramelized lemon

The Stoke $12

Prosecco, Housemade Pineapple Gin, elderflower liquor, cracked black pepper

Ginger Tonic $12

Bluecoat gin, ginger puree, topped with tonic

The Daiquiri $12

Bacardi White Rum, muddled lime, simple syrup, amaro bitters

De-Tox $12

Codigo Tequila, muddled lemon, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, dehydrated spicy citrus rim

Jalapeño Margarita $13

Codigo Tequila, triple sec, muddled lime/lemon, muddled Jalapeño, agave

Singapore Sling  $13

Pineapple infused gin, maraschino, triplo, benedictine, grenadine, brûlée orange

Sunrise in Chianti $13

Codigo Tequila, triplo, fresh citrus, sangiovese floater

Hibiscus Spritz $13

Vodka, house made hibiscus simple syrup, prosecco

The Mojito Lab $14


Ginger---Lemon---Strawberry--Peach--Raspberry---Mango---Mediterranean---Mexican Coconut

All made with fresh puree, premium spirits, fresh limes, lots of mint and topped with soda

Aloe Vera Mule $14

Aloe Vera liquor, Vodka, hank's gourmet ginger beer, muddled lime

Stokespresso Martini $13

fresh espresso (regular/decaf), licor 43, vanilla vodka, espresso liquor, decadent chocolate rim

Stoke Paloma $13

Codigo tequila, muddled lime, pompelmo


          5 oz. $9       -     9 oz. $16

Prosecco                       Sangiovese       

Vino Blanco                  Nero D'avola 


Moscato/Ruby Donna

Puglia, Italy


The elegant bouquet promises fresh juicy peaches and pear flavors with an intensity and ripeness rarely found. The crisp, sweet, and slightly effervescent texture is in perfect balance with the acidity and lightness the wine delivers

Grillo, Picciotto

Sicily, Italy


A fine and persistent wine, with subdued aromas of toast, oak and a hint of bitter yellow-apple skin. A dry and balanced flavor. Ideal with Carmela's Lasagna

Gavi, Franco Serra

Piedmont, Italy


Grape variety is 100% Cortese Gavi. Dry and pleasant with a slightly bittersweet sensation on the finish Bright straw color with aromas of pineapple, lime zest and subtle minerals; bright crisp lemon with almonds at the finish. Light bodied. Gavi is considered an excellent partner to our Shrimp Fra Diablo

Falanghina, Miali Single Vineyard

Puglia, Italy


Bright and straw yellow with green highlights it has a vibrant flavor profile of citrus, green apple and pear. Slight pine and citrus-blossom aromas, in particular bitter orange. All stainless steel fermented, its mouthfeel is clean and crisp

​Sauvignon Blanc, Millet 

Cotes de Gascogne, France


Domaine des Millet Sauvignon Blanc is another terrific easy-going white that's undoubtedly a casual sipper; however, it will do very nicely with Chef Abe's House Salad aiding chicken or shrimp. It is loaded with peach and citrus aromatics and has vibrant acidity and clarity

Pinot Grigio, Il Nido

Veneto Region, Italy


Straw yellow color, it has vaguely greenish reflections. The scent is delicate, pleasing but rather intense and sharp. Immediate, characteristic, with hints of acacia flowers. Dry, warm, structured and substantially harmonious flavor

Riesling, La Travaglina Rugiadé

Oltrepo Pavese, Italy


One of the world’s noblest white wine grapes that even in Italy, most of all in the northern regions, producing fantastic results in this green, flinty and perfectly sweet offering


Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, Terre di Eva

Abruzzo, Italy


Ruby red with purplish glints, at the nose an intense fragrance, dense cherry flavors build as this wine aerates, and refined tannins arrive on the finish. This is a high-end tasting, complex wine. Best paired with Stoke Famous Wings

Nero D'Avola, Parolvini

Sicilia, Italy


This grape is one of Italy's most important indigenous varieties. Intense red color, ample, ethereal, characteristic scent of dried fruit. Dry, tasty flavor from a high quality wine with excellent structure. Matches our Garlic Marinated Chicken

Chianti, Spigallo Fattoria Il Muro

Tuscany, Italy


It is a fresh, new and fruity wine characterized by a perfume of bouquet of red roses and berries fruit. The taste is rich, with a featured lively and sweet tannin. Pork Milanese would be a great compliment to this super approachable deep red

Cabernet Sauvignon, Il Nido

Sicilia, Italy


You can never go wrong with grapes grown on Sicilian soil. The color is intense red with purple shades. The scent is vibrant, pleasing with an herbaceous note. The flavor is full, dry, with medium intensity. Pairs well with the Imported Mozzarella Cheese Flight


Rosé, Il Nido

Veneto, Italy


The wine is a medium intensity rosè, with bright pink shades. The scent is pronounced and persistent, recall wild berries. The taste is dry but well balanced, soft. The finish is dry and fruity.


Brut, De Perriere



The aromas of this pale golden wine are fruity & floral with mineral notes & a hint of biscuit. The palate is fresh elegant & refined, great value alternative to Champagne


Red                                              $11/$25

White                                          $11/$25

Ginger                                         $13/$30

Raspberry                                  $13/$30

Mango                                        $13/$30

Strawberry                                 $13/$30


Frozen Apple Cinnamon Cider         $13

Frozen White Sangria                        $13

Frozen Flavored Sangria                   $14 

(Mango, Strawberry, Raspberry)


1.Flying Dog, Vicious Hook

  (Fruited Kettle Sour)

  MD 5.3% ABV

2.Fat Heads, Bumble Berry

  (Fruit and Field Beer)

  OH 5.3% ABV


3.Single Cut, Bright Hollow Sky


   NY 7% ABV

      coming next

3.BBCO, Radical Candor


   VI 6.2% ABV

4.Bieres de Chimay, Bleue (Blue)

   (Belgian Dark Strong Ale)

   BE 9% ABV

5.Birra Peroni, Peroni Nastro Azzurro

   (Lager - European Pale)

   IT 5.1% ABV



6.Ironbound, Black Tea and Lemon

  (Craft Cider)

  NJ 4.2% ABV                      

7.De Brandere, Red Petrus

   (Aged Cherry Sour)

   BE 8.5% ABV

8. SweetWater, H.A.Z.Y.


   GA 6.2% ABV

9. Southern Tier, Pumpking

   (Pumpkin Beer)

   NY 8.6% ABV      

10.Upper Reach, Weekend Water  

   (Rosè Meade)

   PA 6% ABV

   Gluten Free                            

11.Pittsburgh Brewing, Iron City Light

   (Light Lager)

   PA 4.7% ABV                               


12.De Brabandere, Bavik Super Pils

   (Bohemian / Czech Pilsner)

   BE 5.2% ABV


13.Black Hog, Pumpkin Spiced Latte

    (Coffee Milk Stout)

    CT  5.5% ABV 

14.Cape May, IPA Nitro

    (IPA American)

    NJ 6.3% ABV

Bottle Beer





Blue Moon

Yuengling Lager

Michelob Ultra

Miller Lite



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